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Ubuntu & Me: A Series


I’ve made vague mention of my adventures in Ubuntu, and I think it’s about time I divulge. I’m certain most readers won’t have an interest in this, but this is my blog so I’m going to dive in anyway. These things have kept me from reading for my classes, social activities, sleep, food, and sunlight so I think they’re pretty representative of the life and times of CK.

My disinterest in Mac products is largely due to their price and the cult-ish following their marketing inspires. Windows has long been considered a cheap, buggy, unsexy alternative to the overpriced former option. The OS for everyone you might say. And most people’s search ends here. I was introduced to Ubuntu only briefly through my PC Repair class in high school. When my closeout ($600!) VAIO crashed I desperately searched for a fix. Spending money out of the question and keeping my moderate computer expertise in mind, I got drunk one night and just hit enter; I reformatted my Windows Vista laden harddrive and installed Linux.

*EDIT: My initiation into the world of Ubuntu was actually facilitated by @fresh_shoez. I had a driverless and pretty much unusable intallation after that drunken night until he helped me out. He called me out via twitter. Sorry dood. Mad props.

A few upgrades and hundreds of hours spent perfecting my desktop environment and wrangling the correct drivers for this damned elusive VAIO, and I was well on my way to Linux Life. Little did I know, I’d be trying my hand at command line and gathering packages to better suit my nerd needs. The default programs didn’t really suit me, so those of you interested in or already wrapped up in the magical world of open source communities should take note of some programs that will keep you from missing the compatibility and ease of the more *ahem* standard operating systems.

Over the course of the next few days/weeks/months I’ll be detailing these adventures, little by little, so as to not write novels, but instead novellas as blog posts.

Expect a series of blog posts resembling this:

  1. Sound & Video
  2. Accessories
  3. Education
  4. Games
  5. Graphics
  6. Internet
  7. Office
  8. Other

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