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Ubuntu & Me: Games

Any newly initiated Linux nerd will miss her favorite games, right? No fears, the repositories offer plenty of ways to keep your standard of living at an absolute minimum while riding on your white open source horse into the sunset! Universal win!

1. Scumm VM

This was the most fantastic discovery imaginable for me. Those of you who grew up on LucasArts games will be delighted to find all of your favorite adventure games still chock full of cheap Star Wars references, tedious quests, and available for emulation through ScummVM. ScummVM’s name comes from the programming language used for all of these games, with its origin from one of LucasArts’ first games, Maniac Mansion. Many of you played Maniac Mansion with Zed’s computer in Day of the Tentacle.

If you remember the Monkey Island series, (if you forgot, let me help you remember) you’ll find Guybrush Threepwood is still as hunky and 8-bit as you recall, unless of course you choose to play MI3, in which he’s oddly lifelike, but equally witty. And don’t forget about Sam & Max, or the non-LucasArts Scumm game Broken Sword (such fun, but a bit glitchy on my copy.)

a. Flight of the Amazon Queen

This gem is most notable because a user created this game . . . for shits. It’s incredibly complicated, and is modeled after many of the morenotorious adventure games previously mentioned. Its fun and full of non-sequitur suprises, but has voice-overs, which detract from my midi-lovin’ text-readin’ experience. Oh, and did I mention that it runs through ScummVM? Well, it does. That’s why I formatted the entries like this.

Flight of the Amazon Queen

2. Dopewars

Not so dope, but pretty novel. Allows you to make drug deals, get shot, think about shitty songs with drug motifs, smell people on subways, etc.


3. BurgerSpace

Based on an old favorite, BurgerSpace is a wonderful way to spend time that should be spent on another game a blog a paper. As a cute little chef, you run around on your food (unsanitary) and thereby move it down to the lower level where it is mysteriously safe from the anapamorphic eggs, boogers, and sausages. PHEW! That one was close! Note: you can shoot pepper at these buggers a total of five times through out the game to kill them. Good luck.


4. Virus Killer

The lolziest of these, Virus Killer simulates a Windows desktop and forces you to watch your files (no really, the files on your Linux desktop) dragged away by viruses. Your only defense is an ineffective gun, but that’s hardly the point. It gets its cynical message across pretty quickly.


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