The (Tr)Ubuntu(th)

My linux fangirl loyalty has been tested.


This explanation is for nerds and will be uninteresting for most humans. Even though Ubuntu is Linux for Humans (blah blah blah.)

On Sunday, I returned from a refreshing trip with a fresh new coiffure and a mildly productive spark. I opened my laptop, however, to find my OS loading in 800×600 resolution. This was disgusting, clearly, so I started troubleshooting. Like any good user of open source software, I calmly scoured the boards for a similar problem. There were a few, and each recommended I edit the xorg.conf file. I panicked because of course, I, the user of my laptop, do not have default administrative priveledges (a key part of the heightened security offered by linux.) A friend of mine and fellow linux user (though regretfully not a reader of my blog) came over to help out and naturally suggested I open nautilus and perform the operation as root. I restarted my laptop and it went through BIOS and GRUB, booting up fully, but then instead of the unsightly 800×600 I had before, I was greeted with several bars of color, briefly flickering, then stationary. I tried everything imaginable to fix this, cried, wasted time, and did none of my homework. I was depressed, disconnected, and downright desolate.

Then I realized that it booting up fully indicated that it was the settings in the OS and not the hardware causing the issue. I burned a copy of the Karmic beta and held my breath.

Non-nerds, continue reading here:

Four installs, an $80 320GB Seagate external hard drive, and some pulls of Kessler later and I feel great. It’s been two days with this new install and I adore it. It’s glitchy at times, but it’s a goddamn beta. Don’t get me wrong; my love for Ubuntu has not died, only waivered. My hope is that in 8 days the Alpha will drop and meet my meagre expectations.

The apps I enjoyed reinstalling the most? All Adobe Air-powered.  Prepare yourselves for a gushy review of my fave Adobe-Air apps–available on all platforms!


4 thoughts on “The (Tr)Ubuntu(th)

  1. Much like haircuts, the difference between a good OS and a bad OS is about a week.

    PS – not doing what I said I was going to, because of the internet

    PPS – 1st post lol

  2. Thanks Courtney, although this is unrelated to Linux (one day though we discussed it in class regarding an internet case, and I thought of you!), I wanted to say thank you-Your comment meant a lot to me.
    Every once in a while, we all need to remind ourselves of all we’ve done and gone through.

    I’m glad everything is going so well for you, and I know you’re the best VP ever, mostly because I still skim over the minutes and because I wouldn’t have left it to anyone else

  3. If you want really silly Ubuntu (or even Kubuntu) shenanigans, try dual booting linux from an external hard drive that’s been partitioned as storage space with a windows laptop. On top of that, put the bootloader on the external hard drive so that you have to have it plugged in just to start anything.

  4. That sounds like fun. I do have an older WinXP laptop that could be used in that way, but when you boot it up it sounds like an old man is playing spoons on the hard drive. It makes noises computers don’t make. But I’d definitely like to give it a shot.

    P.S. I stalk my blog readers through Stat Counter (because won’t allow Google Analytics) and noticed/appreciated your blog views. I mean, I just assumed that if someone in Daegu was viewing my blog it was probably you. Looks like I’m right!

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