My infrequent posting lately is caused by a number of things. Firstly, I’ve been trying (intentionally this time) to quit my medication. It prevents me from feeling the full range of emotions that defines me, and I can’t have that. So I’m trying it out. Don’t test me. That’s essentially what I’m saying.

ALSO . . . I got a cat!


Her name is Regina, and she prefers the Latin pronunciation which is RAY-gee-nuh. Her previous owners were seemingly nice enough, but they didn’t love her. She has all of her shots, has been dewormed and treated for fleas, and is around 9 months old. Unfortunately she is declawed, but that’s all the more reason for me to provide her with the safety, love, and security that she needs. She’s an independent woman (perfect) and she behaves quite well. She snuggles and purrs in my lap, but has an aversion to faces, which is fine because I don’t like people/kitties in my face. She wakes me up with questioning meows and little friendly paws. She’s positively beautiful and sleek (as you can see) and I am pleased as punch.

This post brought to you by Regina's typing skillz.

However, she got a little pissy with me this afternoon because I changed her litter. Shaun bought Tidy Cat litter because the kitty on the package looked like Regina. Cute, but not effective. She hates it and promptly shat down the side of the box and on the floor, then proceeded to walk through it, get disgusted, and wipe her little paws on the carpet. I wondered why her gas was filling the house, and then realized that she had taken a massive human-like shit outside of the box.


So basically I’m broke from buying things to care for and clean up after my bundle of feline joy. Creepy.

My mother asked me to send photos of her “grand-kitty.” Weird. At least she knows she’s not getting grand kids outta me.

On an unrelated note, my bb Tanji came into town this weekend! She was a delight and we got to be besties again like old times, bond over LGBTQ issues, and eat snacks!

Life is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalright.

BESTIES . . . per usual




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