Mocha Hut

I was inspired to write about this after reading Joyce’s cheery post about her equally good experience. It’s come to my attention that Kirksville businesses need as much word of mouth (and viral internet) promotion as they can get. So here’s my plug:

For those of you Kirksvillians who haven’t checked it out, Mocha Hut is KV’s new smash hit!

Located in the old Vintage Grooves across from the post office, MH has delightful espresso drinks, delicious chocolates, a coffee express lane (“drop a buck and grab a cup!”), daily soups, and DIY* paninis. All of the above are priced well and tasty. I enjoy the broccoli cheddar soup with homemade bread and a Black and Gold (aztec chocolate and honey espresso drink). They have a different soup every day (prominently displayed on their chalkboard sign outside) and if you’re like me and want to know the soup of the day before bundling up and braving the weather, you can check their facebook page for the soup of the day and updated info on this blossoming business. It’s the perfect place for coffee dates and comfy caffeine-aided homework sessions, especially if you’re sick of walking to JavaCo only to find the place packed with med students.

They also have great hours for students: 7AM-7PM most days. Detailed information about hours is listed on the facebook fan page.

*Design It Yourself (from a list of ingredients)

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