It’s Real Now.

Estranged blog friends, at long last I know what I’m doing next year.

After many rejections and unfunded acceptances (4 rejects and 4 acceptances to be exact) I decided to go to Washington State University for their Master’s in English Literature program. I was offered a 2 year TAship, a $12,850 stipend, tuition waiver (except for $940/semester in fees) and a one time $500 book stipend. I couldn’t be more pleased. Since this and Truman’s GTRA offer were my only funded choices and WSU’s offer far exceeded Truman’s I took it immediately.

My communication with the head of the department there has been wonderful. He was quick to answer questions, incredibly helpful, and personally let me know about my offer before my letter arrived to make sure I would consider it. I was pretty shocked considering it’s a Literature program and I’m a theoryhead who only ever utilizes queer and feminist critiques. My guess is that they wanted a token feminist? I’ll gladly be someone’s token for that kind of money and opportunity.

Ain't no thang.

WSU is located in Pullman, WA, a town of about 25,000 on the Idaho border. Moscow, ID, home of University of Idaho, is 7 minutes away and connected by a bike trail. The two towns share an airport, shopping, and act as sister cities. Pullman is 73 miles from Spokane and about 6 hours from Seattle, nestled in the heart of Washington farm country, the Palouse region, and gorgeous lentils.

Did I mention Pullman hosts the National Lentil Festival?!

I know, right?!

I understand that this festival hosts the world’s largest bowl of lentil chili served to you by a person dressed as a lentil, a beer garden, and Little Lentil King and Queen (check out the video. That little girl knows her lentils.) I’ll obviously be attending this fantastic event.

Some random person made this “comprehensive” guide to Pullman. It’s pretty outdated, but they have a great housing guide that I’ve made use of in my hunt for lodging next year. There are a handful of coffee shops (I’m sure I’ll work at one of them), two Thai places, and a European eatery of some sort. They have a Shop-Ko for their one-stop shopping needs. There are a number of bars, some of which are on campus (!) and look pretty standard. They also have an upscale restaurant with valet parking in the university.

Look at this map. Makes Truman look like a babby school (only in size!)

It's the size of a small town!

I’m looking at reasonably priced housing for Clint and I and have a list of realtors that we’ll be visiting the week after graduation when we fly out to find a place. I’m not willing to rent a house without seeing it first so it’s worth the money to scope it out. Plus, I’ll spend the whole summer dreaming about this place and seeing it will make the whole thing (even more) real.

I got a letter yesterday detailing my responsibilities as a TA and telling me about the course offerings for the following semester. I register on May 1st and get to choose from courses such as: Modernism in Film, Writing for Publication, and Sequential Art (a class all about graphic novels.)

I’m outrageously excited, but I know I’ll miss Kirksville. It’s a 28 hour drive so I won’t feasibly be able to drive down, and that’s a scary thought, but I suppose growth rarely comes comfortably.


2 thoughts on “It’s Real Now.

  1. i’m so excited you got into a great program. my sister’s boyfriend’s sister teaches at WSU (unsure the program). I wish you the best of luck! Be sure to enjoy your summer, because once school starts, your life is over.

  2. What a wonderful write up on our National Lentil Festival! I know you will have a great time as this year’s festival will be better than ever, better entertainment, food, etc.
    From one Lentil Lady to another, thanks! Check us out on Facebook!

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