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Clint and I flew out to Washington recently to find a place to live. We were there Wed-Sat. which seemed like plenty of time to see apartments and sign a lease. I set up an itinerary, scheduled meetings with the few landlords with pet-friendly apartments/houses, and expected us to find lots of great places and quickly make a decision. This was naturally not the case.

The first place we saw in Pullman was extremely small, sketchy, and $475/month. The next day we saw a dreamy place with wood floors, a lovely yard and lots of room, but it was $1000/month, hardly feasible for my stipend budget. Next we went on a cruise with a crazy agent who convinced us we would love a shit hole in Albion (10 minutes from Pullman), then showed us a similar shit hole in town with an impossibly steep driveway. She said things like “That woman needs to know that the world does not evolve around her” in reference to her boss and “The coast runs from here down to California, and then Mexico, and even to the tip of South America” because kids from the midwest clearly do not understand the geographical phenomenon of water meeting land (bitch, we got cricks like you wouldn’t believe! That’s the same thing!)

These were the only places available and pet-friendly in our price range. We tried to get the $1000/month place for $850 but got the runaround from the owner. Finally, Clint convinced me to give a gorgeous place in Colfax a look. I was extremely hesitant as Colfax is 20 minutes from Pullman and I didn’t want to commute, but this place is well worth the drive.

Our new home!

This apartment is the upper floor of a house with a private entrance and shared washer/dryer with the lower units. It has hardwood floors, a breakfast nook, vaulted ceilings that don’t minimize space (unlike mine), and lovely new paint.

There are more visible plug-ins in this image than are in my entire kitchen.

In addition, it has a lovely kitchen with spacious granite counter tops with plenty of plug-ins for appliances like my new stand mixer! The best part of this well-lit kitchen is the included breakfast nook.

So quaint!

There are two decently large bedrooms each with their own closet and a living room with a coat closet. The bathroom has a huge storage area also, and the hallway has coat hooks on every wall. Also, one of the bedrooms is red!

Did I mention there's a window seat!?

Oh, and behind the house and up some stone stairs we have our very own deck and some land to call our own! Ette will love romping around back there and we can sit there and drink (white) wine and watch the sunset every night (not).

The town itself is quite lovely as well. It only has a population of 2,844, but it has everything we need. We’re even walking distance from a grocery store, a Taco Time, a bar, and a coffee place as well as a pretty nifty-looking public library. When we move in I’ll post more pictures, but until then I’ll be daydreaming about this place.

The lease signing process took over a week, 7 failed faxes, and lots of phone tag, but it’s finally ours. We move in August. Come visit us sometime!


2 thoughts on “Washington Post

  1. Well done! It’s gorgeous. You won’t be sorry, and I bet you’ll find the commmute is a nice amount of time to transition between home and school. So happy for you!

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