We made it.

So everyone knows, we’re in Colfax and nearly settled.

The drive was beautiful and far less stressful than I had anticipated. Montana in particular was breathtaking and I would love to return or even live there. My dad enjoyed the drive because it reminded him of his days hopping freight trains along the same route and he told us many unsavory stories. Having my dad there really helped me feel confident about the whole thing and everything went pretty well on the whole.

Getting things unpacked and filling in the gaps has been a long and expensive journey. I’m in credit card debt for the first time in my life with no foreseeable way to pay it off, but I guess that’s what happens when you move halfway across the country. Clint has set up the living room to be a music room with both of our music posters, and records. We got a cute click-clack couch to optimize listening comfort and I can’t wait to entertain there. It looks fantastic.

Our bedroom is the most bare-bones set-up in the apartment, with my clothes, two dressers, both of my shoe racks, and jewelry taking up most of the space. I bought a $600 Enso memory foam mattress and LOVE IT sitting atop our simple Ikea Malm bed frame.

The kitchen is darling and Clint put my record player and speakers in there so we could listen to records while we cooked. I was apprehensive, but the set-up looks nice and makes cooking more enjoyable.

My office is the last thing to get settled and still has both of our odds and ends in it. Currently I have two bookshelves, a craft shelf, and a new red Ikea desk as well as Regina’s litterbox and food, because we couldn’t find a better place. I look forward to this room being more livable since I assume I’ll be spending lots of time in it when school starts.

Speaking of which, I start classes a week from tomorrow. I’m pretty nervous. I have three orientation days this week, so hopefully I’ll feel more prepared after that. In addition to orientations I have to complete my residency requirements this week. This sounds simple, but has been a horrible pain so far. I spent all of Friday in and out of the Department of Licensing office where they never did get my license. That costs $45 and I don’t even want to think about how much my vehicle licensing will cost. The consequences for not completing these tasks is paying out-of-state tuition for the next year, something I positively cannot afford.

I miss everyone, but have been busy and having difficulty adjusting to the time difference so I always want to call people when it’s 3AM CST. I’m sure most of you are still awake then, but I’d hate to wake someone up just to say “Missin’ you, girrrrrrrrrrrrrl!” So please, call me. If I don’t answer I’m probably doing something stupid and I’ll definitely call you back.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures yet. When everything is in its place I promise I’ll get some posted.


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