On the Road Again


This blog is so inactive that I feel comfortable only documenting big life moves (and couponing tips?) on it.

Two weeks from now we’ll be on the road on our way to Michigan. I’ve never really considered MI to be a state I’d like to live in, but Clint was accepted to a wonderful master’s program in Mount Pleasant, MI, so move there we shall!  I’m so excited for him to get his M.S. in a program where it seems he’ll be valued and respected.

I’m desperately applying to jobs in the area (23 job applications submitted and counting) and preparing myself for the financial uncertainty that comes with a life dedicated to the humanities. The town we’re moving to seems pretty happenin’ for it’s size, and I think we’ll enjoy being back in the Midwest. Driving instead of flying home for holidays will be a delight!

Downtown Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant, MI



Major Employers:

Central Michigan University

Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino

Claims to fame:

Home to one of MI’s lowest unemployment rates!

One of the state’s most walkable and safest towns!

Corporate highlights: 

Target – This will be my first time living in the same town as a Target!

TJ Maxx – I’m gonna look so good!

Aldi’s –  I really missed all the questionable but outrageously cheap food at Aldi’s.

Dunkin’ Donuts – I love DD too much. This might become a problem.

Meijer – A MI-based everything store. Think semi-local Wal-Mart?

Local highlights:

GreenTree Co-Op – Part of the same group of co-ops as Moscow, ID’s co-op!

Farmer’s Market – Just down the street from our apt.!

Flour Uprising – A tongue-in-cheek communist bakery? YES PLEASE.

Max and Emily’s – Sandwiches a-plenty. Hosts a local concert series.

the Brass Cafe – Portobello and Gouda Flatbread!?

Mountain Town Station Brewery – Say hi to Jim!

Mt. Pleasant Brewing Co. – Excited to try the Tranwreck Ale: an amber ale brewed with maple syrup and honey.

Natural features: 

The Chippewa River runs through the town (and very close to our new apartment) and is ideal for fishing, canoeing, and tubing.



Mt. Pleasant’s median resident age is 22 years old! Yowza! That’s a young town. Many of the local businesses seem to cater to this younger population. Many restaurants are transparently designed to entice drunk crowds and are open late. One restaurant in particular called “Menna’s Joint” serves a variety of marijuana-themed sub dub sandwiches. This really sounds more like something you would find in WA, right?

Here’s some data about their weather:


I compared this to Pullman, and it’s pretty similar. It definitely gets colder in Mt. Pleasant, but just by about 10 degrees. Here’s the real kicker:


In March, Mt. Pleasant is still getting 10″ of snow! Also:


That’s a fair amount of cloud cover. I’m definitely going to invest in a SAD lamp. And maybe this shirt:

Picture 259


I’ll post soon with info about our new apt., our travel route, etc. Keep in touch, Midwestern friends!


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